Quick Update from Nate Berkheimer

Hey Everybody, 

Nate Berkheimer is quite possibly the most versatile BMX rider on the face of this planet. He’s a talented park rider, and dirt jumper, and he also wins gigantic (physically anyway) checks at the track racing in the AA Pro / Elite classes.

Below Nate reports in with an update on life in Vegas and a weekend at the track when he didn’t go home with one of those big checks.

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by, Trevor

BMX has been pretty good these days; race, dirt, park, awesome times. I went to the NBL Freedom Nationals last month in Woodbridge, VA. It was probably one of the best tracks I’ve raced on in a while. The track was good, I was goin’ fast, but for some reason I just couldn’t get in the main! Pretty bummed.

Aside from the race scene, the dirt scene is great in Vegas right now. Cam White is back along with a couple other Aussie shredders. And we’ve got a bunch of locals here in Vegas that just shred. I’m all signed up for Baltimore’s Dew Tour so I’m tryin’ to step up my game. I’ve been going to the track like 3 nights a week and ridin’ dirt like 3 nights a week. Busy, but fun. I like my bmx!

Other news. If you’re into the whole Podcast thing, I did an interview with BicycleMotoCrossRadio in Virginia. You can check it out on iTunes. Just type in Bicycle Motocross in the Podcast search (or click here). It’s the newest one and my interview is the last one on it. Check it out.

Other than that, I’m off to go catch a dirt sesh right now, so I’ll check back in soon.



Here’s a great shot of Nate on his Reactor Pro trying to beat Jason Richardson and friends to the first turn (and finish line) in a race.

If you think you might enjoy BMX racing, you’re probably right. Check out the NBL’s site here and the ABA’s site here to see if there is a local track in your area where you can get started. Who knows; you could become an olympic medalist some day. That or just have a great time, get excercise, learn a lot about life, travel all over, make great friends, and grow up and work in a cubicle like I did. Either way, you’ll be glad you got in to it. Good times…


If you do get into racing, make sure it isn’t for the big money, kids. These checks may look big, but these guys have other jobs too.


Here’s something you won’t see another Elite / AA Pro racer doing. Here Nate does a big front flip on his Accomplice in TJ Lavin’s backyard.


Here Nate’s never ending quest to find different things to ride takes him down a waterslide in Salt lake City.

That’s all for now. Thanks again for stopping by!

Have fun, Trevor

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