Darin Read on Filming and Being Gangster

Hey everyone. How’s it going? Well, I’m busy as always living the dream. It’s May in the NW so the trails are amazing, much props to the CREW. You guys are the best.

So at the moment I’m puttin’ all effort into a very important project to me called Shola. It’s Bruce Crisman’s new company and it’s going to be rad. Check it out at sholabmx.com. I’m also filming for Anthem 2, the new NWC video should be done by the end of summer and Nike 6.0 is also coming out with a video that I’m filming for.

This is going to be a busy summer and every weekend is already planned. I’m psyched. Oh and I’m going to England for a month for Red Bull Empire of Dirt and a Segment Clothing trails tour in July. It’s on and popping! See, I can be gangster. Have fun out there. That’s all that matters.

Later DR


He’s always down to ride or hang out with friends, but Darin is never very far away from these things; a video camera, a cell phone, and a Chevrolet.


I reminded Darin that pictures are worth 1000 words. I guess he’s trying to make up for not sending in an update yet this year. Here he is laying down a very stylish table on a bike that could become yours. See the August issue of BMX Plus for details…


Here’s a shot our good friend Dustin Garrett took of Darin laying one down to┬áthe other┬áside and hanging a leg off for 20 more style points. You can see more of Dustin’s photos and ramblings at destroybmx.com.


Darin sent no explanation for this photo and I’m afraid to come up with one. A bit of a “lifestyle” shot I guess. This is Darin hanging out with friend and fellow rider Alistair Whitton.

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