Robbie Wright Gets Really Bad Haircut

Hey everybody,

Robbie Wright sent in the update below on his life along with the following photos of him with the worst ‘skullet’ I’ve ever seen. No explanation other than his final words, “Oh, and I got my hair cut”. This is just another of the many reasons we enjoy and appreciate Robbie so much. The man will do anything to put smiles on the faces of others. At least I hope that’s all he was doing.  

Don’t let his brief update fool you though. Robbie has been very busy lately; riding a lot, working in his position in industrial construction equipment logistics (and taking a lot of flack on that job for his new haircut), and yes – chasing around his daughter. The daughter he speaks of can be seen being temporarily contained by his fiancé’ Laura in this recent FSA ad. Another great shot of Robbie can be seen right here in our latest ad for our new Sound pedals.

By the way. Robbie has shaved his mud flap to match the length of the rest of his hairs since the shots below were taken.

Enjoy, thanks for stopping by, and have a great day.

Sincerely, Trevor   

yeeeeeoh everyone, robbie here updatin’ my updater. Lets see… my daughter isn’t 2 yet but don’t let that fool you, terrible ALMOST 2′s are just as bad as terrible 2′s…. I hope. She’s been keeping me really busy lately, chargin’ around getting into stuff. IM TRYING TO KEEP UP!! Besides the baby, summer is about here, outdoor riding is waiting and ready for some RADITUDE!! Keep on riding!!
Robbie Wright

Oh and i got my hair cut.


Robbie with a great ‘lifestyle’ shot; enjoying another typical afternoon in Kent (but fortunately not typical for him).


Sorry ladies. This one’s taken…


Pretty strange, huh? Blue sky in Washington… Here Robbie displays his bad haircut and some fancy footwork at the Fenwick skatepark here in Kent. 

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