New FSA BB30 Technology and Assault Crank Set on ’09 Reactor Pro

Just when you thought the world had too many bottom bracket shell designs already, FSA has introduced another, but hold your sighs regarding the new size; this one actually serves a purpose and provides many benefits too. Why the new shell? To accommodate FSA’s new BB30 technology; a spindle that is 30mm in diameter and the smooth-rolling and reliable over-sized bearings to keep it spinning. How is having a 30mm diameter crank spindle going to help you? The increased diameter allows FSA to construct it out of lighter weight alloy materials and the design also makes for a very stiff and responsive crank set. The BB shell is also slightly narrower so the cranks can provide better ankle clearance.

Couple the new stiff and snappy crank set to an equally responsive frame, like say – a Diamondback Reactor, and what you end up with is a bike that allows power to be put right to the ground without any delay.  Our ’09 Reactor Pro will be the first production BMX bike to feature FSA’s new BB30 bottom bracket. We can’t say too much just yet, but the bike will also feature a new and lightweight set of FSA Assault cranks as well as lighter weight Alienation rims. We’ll tell you more about the Reactor Pro complete and how we’ll be offering a series of Reactor frames too in the coming year, but for now; please enjoy these sneak peeks at DB Product Manager Mike Hammond’s prototype test bike.


Mike’s bike.


Closer look at the left side of the BB30 shell on an ’09 Diamondback Reactor. 


Closer look at the drive side of the ’09 Reactor Pro’s transmission. An FSA sprocket was not available for this photo, but it will utilize that same 4 bolt pattern and slick design that allows you to thread the sprocket mounting bolts right into the crank arm (without the use of backing nuts).

Stay tuned and have a great week everybody, Trevor 

This might be a clip of Mike riding his new Reactor Pro with BB30 technology at the trails…


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