Archives: May, 2008

  • 05.30.08

    Mike Hammond Reports in from UCI Worlds in China

    Diamondback product manager Mike Hammond is in Taiyuan China to compete in the 2008 UCI BMX World Championships. Mike and former DB product manager and friend Scott Matual are over there representing the US and the NW by competing in the 30 and over men’s class. Below are some first impressions Mike sent us a [...]

  • 05.28.08

    Quick Update from Nate Berkheimer

    Hey Everybody,  Nate Berkheimer is quite possibly the most versatile BMX rider on the face of this planet. He’s a talented park rider, and dirt jumper, and he also wins gigantic (physically anyway) checks at the track racing in the AA Pro / Elite classes. Below Nate reports in with an update on life in [...]

  • 05.21.08

    Darin Read on Filming and Being Gangster

    Hey everyone. How’s it going? Well, I’m busy as always living the dream. It’s May in the NW so the trails are amazing, much props to the CREW. You guys are the best. So at the moment I’m puttin’ all effort into a very important project to me called Shola. It’s Bruce Crisman’s new company [...]

  • 05.15.08

    Robbie Wright Gets Really Bad Haircut

    Hey everybody, Robbie Wright sent in the update below on his life along with the following photos of him with the worst ‘skullet’ I’ve ever seen. No explanation other than his final words, “Oh, and I got my hair cut”. This is just another of the many reasons we enjoy and appreciate Robbie so much. [...]

  • 05.12.08

    New FSA BB30 Technology and Assault Crank Set on ’09 Reactor Pro

    Just when you thought the world had too many bottom bracket shell designs already, FSA has introduced another, but hold your sighs regarding the new size; this one actually serves a purpose and provides many benefits too. Why the new shell? To accommodate FSA’s new BB30 technology; a spindle that is 30mm in diameter and [...]

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