Accomplice Test and Good Ads in Latest BMX Plus!

Hi everybody,

If you haven’t yet seen the June issue of BMX Plus!, you’ll want to check it out. It’s a very enjoyable issue. I will show you some of my favorite pages:

Page 17 is the FSA ad that you’ll see below for their X Drive cranks featuring our very own Robbie Wright. Robbie is pictured performing a good-sized 180 gap 3 to 4 stories off of the ground on a parking structure that is going up here in downtown Kent. It may appear at first glance that there was a lack of concern for safety on this shoot, but as you see; a chain link fence was rented to keep others who may try such things out. I love this ad for a number of reasons. Not only is it a very impressive shot of an equally (if not more so) impressive maneuver, but it is also probably the best family photo I’ve ever seen (sorry mom). Those gals that can be seen on the sidewalk far below Robbie and his Diamondback with FSA cranks are his fiancé Laura and their daughter Madison.


Pages 30 & 31 are a test of our Accomplice complete - the perfect partner in crime for anyone looking to ride parks, street, or trails. They express concern about the stem, but as expected, they loved the bike.

Within the Trick Stuff department on page 93, you’ll find a short write up on our new 4 Banger sprocket (also seen below). With gas prices at record levels and only going up, now is the time to invest in the most fuel efficient and affordable 4 Banger available. The new 4 banger sprocket is available with 28 or 36 teeth now at better bike shops everywhere.


The last of my personal favorite pages found in the latest issue of BMX Plus! is the Diamondback ad on the inside of the back cover. The ad coincidentally features the new 4 Banger sprocket and another great shot of Robbie, this time doing a one-footed table that would make Tim Judge proud. If you don’t know who Tim Judge is, you’re not alone, but he was a very stylish racer / jumper who did big one-footed tables (like this one) in the early ‘80s.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by, Trevor

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