Robbie Wright – Already “old” at 23

Well, i just turned super old, 23 now. that’s almost a quarter of a century old… quarter… quarter pipe, East Hill has one of the best 8 ft. quarters I’ve ridden in a long time. Its one of those quarters you don’t have to pull up on or do anything really; just hang on!! hang on… hang on tight, the best set of trails I have ridden in my life has been plowed, super bummed. They were amazing; just hang on for dear life and go along for the ride. There was a run there that was so long, you were lucky if your legs didn’t give out after the 20-30 seconds of a rollercoaster ride of jumps and berms. My friend who started them has already found a new spot supposedly. He better call¬† and tell me where it is so I can help dig, to get them up and running… Well just throw dirt, he’s the sculptor. My daughter got one of those trailer baby buggy things that attach to a bike so she is super psyched on bike rides now. Do a manual or a bunny hop next to her and she loses it laughing. Love it.
Good ramble. Good good ramble…
Robbie Wright


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