Nate Berkheimer Update

I picked up Robbie Wright from the airport at 9 am on Friday before our Woodward trip. We headed straight to Lee Canyon, our local snow resort about 45 minutes outside of Vegas. I got hooked up with a company that manufactures snow bikes called SlopeCycle. I had never been, nor had Rob; we got to test em out together. It was a ton of fun and we figured them out right away. The pics I got were from a snowy area just before you get to the mountain. We had to kill an hour waiting on my friend Aaron who had the other SlopeCycle for Rob to ride. Once we hit the slopes, it was on! We were rampin’ a 30 foot snow double doin’ sweet bar turns. Rob went for a flip, made it half way and jumped off barely avoiding the bike to his head. It was a long, fun 5 hours.


Nate – Snow bike turn bar.

We went back to my house, grabbed some food, and then headed to Desert Breeze, my local spot, only to find the park absolutely empty. 3 kids, that’s it. We put in a couple of hours and called it a day. Good Times!Saturday I took Robbie out to Lavin’s house. The last time he was there it was flooded due to a broken sprinkler pipe. It was a bit gnarly compared to the NW trails (Nate’s opinion), and his shoulder was a bit sore from the day before. Normal trails start with a small jump or rollers then work up to the big stuff. Our first set is the biggest one, its kinda intimidating your first time. We rode for a few, and then went to a friend of mine’s house to watch the fights. There was the boxing fight that I can’t seem to remember the guy’s names, and the Kimbo Slice vs. Tank Abbott fight. Both had some excitement, we were stoked.

Sunday morning we woke up and headed off to Woodward West for the DB team trip. We got in around 2pm, called Trevor only to find out that our rooms had no blankets or pillows. Good thing there was a K-Mart on the way in! We were set. Off to Camp. We rode for a few hours that night and then just kinda relaxed. The next few days were riding, riding, and more riding. What else is there to do at Woodward, right? They added a few new ramps that linked some lines together; it was a bunch of fun. I got some good clips with Dustin on them. By the time Ben Crocket showed up on the last day, we were pretty tired. I was riding, and before he snapped off any photos, I took a hard slammer and was seeing birdies. I packed up and headed home.

About 3 days later I was up and riding; hitting the jumps and parks. That next Saturday I was hired to ride at a Kid’s birthday party at Skate City, our local indoor park. It was fun, the kids were stoked, and I made a few bucks. I did a frontie on a 6 foot long box and barely made it around, I was ready to loop out but it worked out alright. A week later a few of the DC guys were in town to shoot some photos with Kosman. I met up and rode the Hollywood Park with Justin Kosman, Daniel Dhers, Chad Kagy, and Eric the street shredder. It was a good time.

This weekend I’ll be out at the local BMX track getting’ my sprint on for the up-coming UCI race in West Palm Beach, FL on March 15-16. Then on the 17th I’m headed out to Cali for the 2nd annual St Patrick’s Day Jam at Heath Pinter’s trails.

That’s my life, BMX at its best. Keep on shreddin!


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