Robbie Wright Update

What is up all you BMX riding hombres!? Just got back from a trip to Woodward with the team, flew out to Vegas to meet up with Nate on Friday the 15th, got to enjoy the Valentines day with the girl friend the day before I left so that was good. Got to Vegas at 9:30 AM. My bike came off at the baggage claim first (THE FIRST BAG OFF!!!) my clothes bag came off 3rd in line, pretty psyched on that. Nate picked me up and we proceeded to head for the mountains to go snowbiking. (Yes, there are mountains with snow in Nevada). Soo much fun. I got worked trying to do a back flip on a jump that was no where near steep enough. I pretty much landed on my side with the snowbike coming down a second later right on top me, pretty funny. Saturday there was a jam at TJ Lavin’s house. Insane dirt jumps, complete with resi ramp. Sunday we left at 9:30 AM to Woodward. Met up with Trevor Knesal, Mike Hammond and Dustin the videographer. They were already riding. The first couple of hours at Woodward I was pretty intimidated, soo much stuff. I couldn’t really figure out what I wanted to do first. Nate is ridiculous; killed everything he rode. From Sunday morning to Tuesday night was non-stop riding, besides eating and sleeping, it was basically 9am to 9pm everyday. WE WERE BEAT!!! If you ever get the chance, go there and rip! That place is a blast! See you all at the outdoor parks!!!

Robo Robbie Wright


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