Diogo reports on latest serious wreck, internal bleeding, and having fun at Woodward even without a bike or his health.

Hello fellows! 
I know you guys are used to waiting until the first week of each month to hear from me, but I’ve had a lot going on in my life lately and with all the free time that I have been gifted, here I am!

Everything was going great, actually they still are, it was just flowing a little easier… It was 4 days before I was supposed to fly to Estonia for the simple session contest, which I already had flight, accommodation… and I decided to do an ice pick grind on a rail, a pretty stupid rail by the way, not long, not steep, and it wasn’t high either. I still have no idea what happened and probably will never know. What I do know is that my elbow got underneath me and ended up cutting my kidney! Guess what? Hospital again! Pretty cool there was a nice nurse over there, and she did hook me up. I had internal bleeding and had to stay there for 5 days, but I kept my kidney and all I have to do right now is chill!

I have been chilling for a month already and I’m supposed to do another one without even touching my bike and I will follow the doctor’s opinion this time. That thing hurts when it is not working fine and I have just figured it out!

It was in Brazil and now that I feel better I’m back in U.S. Not even riding, I went to the Diamondback Woodward trip and I had a BLAST!!!  At first I thought I was gonna be pretty bummed for being at such a great spot to ride and not being able to and see every one  riding and just watch, but it ended up being such a great time! See all my bosses eating SH#T was priceless! Trevor, Kris and Mike every single one deserves thumbs up for making my day so interesting! I hope some one post mike’s problematic hip picture! Besides that, everyone rode awesome and I’m sure you guys will be watching soon some of those footages on our next ad!!  Props to Nate and Robbie that saved the footage quality!!

I’m out. Gonna read something to provide me some knowledge! These days man…


Diogo has been spending a lot of time in this position lately. Wear your helmets kids…

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