Darin Read Update

Well another month down and this was an exciting one. Instead of sitting around in the snow and rain in Washington, I decides to go visit my mates in Australia. I have known Dane and Jared, two trail shredders for a couple of years now and during our summer they stay with me for a couple weeks. So during their summer I went to stay with them for 3 weeks. We rode a total of 5 sets of trails and about 10 skateparks. I filmed a full tape and shot photos all over it was amazing. Look for the footy in either Anthem 2 or the new NWC video. For the rest of the winter I will be hoping for good weather and continue to film. Check Segmentclothing.com for a blog and read Bmx Plus because I’m giving away my dialed Seahawks bike. Cheers mates ………DR


Seriously kids; keep reading BMX Plus! and watch for your opportunity to win this bike.

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