Diogo Reports on Another Serious Head Injury and Other International Adventures

For the sake of added perspective, the following has been posted in its original format; completely unedited and just the way Diogo sent it. There are many possible reasons for the grammatical style with which this update was written. It could be because Diogo is a Brazilian and the English language is one of (if not the) most difficult languages to learn on the face of the earth because of the many things that don’t make sense about it. It could also be the result of Diogo’s most recent head injury, and it could just be a combination of these things as well as the fact that he had spent a lot of time in different foreign lands before he wrote it and that he’s now working on learning another language. We hope you enjoy reading it and appreciate it in its pure, original form as much as we did.Olla Amigos!!  i can almost speak some spanish already!
Since i got back in Brasil from U.S 3 weeks ago  too many things happen, i dindnt even have time to undo my bags and on the third day that i was here i hammed my face on the ground again on my local skatepark, ending up getting a quick anbulance ride to the hospital, i dindt know where i was , i was still talking in english hahah pretty stupid hum? I got a broken nose again, broken teeth again, and couple stiches on my lip AGAIN. Sounds bad , but for some reazon wasnt that bad, i got home the same day , and the next i was already boring so i headed up to the hardware shop and bought all those kinds of house painting  and spent 5 real fun days painting my mom’s house( she was excited), kept me busy and away from the girls, i needed at that point!
After those 5 or 6 days i was feeling just awsome and rode my bike like nothing had happend, my brain was super straight, good news because i had already bought a flight ticket to go to argentina film, and ride a local contest and i was leaving in 2 days!
Before getting in Argentina  me and Daniel( my friend that went with me on that trip), we spent some time with  Willian in Brasil, \but real close to Argentina board, ride some street , and try to get some good time. I was trying to icepick to bar on that  tranny and i had to stop close to some sketchy guys to get speed for, and just when i was there  the cops came and  told me and the other guys to put hands up and turn around, i started saying that i have never met those guys before, i knew wasnt going to work and most likelly the cop would think that i was there to buy drugs…  i was getting ready to go to the jail for no reazon, but somehow he believed me and let me go after checking me out and making sure that i was clean,  right after that i was so excited that i started  pedaling my bike towards the tranny and try my trick again, but didnt help, at least Daniel filmed everything!!
We finally got in Argentina , more precise in “Rosario”and i was surprise with what i got to see, amazing people, and awsome atmosphere to be! We didnt have to pay for any hotel Fernando( local amazing rider) hooked us up with place to stay and driving places!! We got to ride bike before the contest but i luckylly got to go to the “Fakie Beach” (river with artificil sand) but the Argentina Girls has nothing fakie going on and there is a place that i fully recomend to go ride and go out!
The day the comp i was feeling good until trying to fix my friend’s bike i ridiculus hurt myself pretty anoying!  taking the tire off the rims i left my hand slipt off and with full speed my hand  hit a sharp broken spoke and got about 3/4 of an inche deep inside next to my thumb, went to the anbulance once again and got cleaned and the doctor gave me thumbs up to tide the comp. i had i little    going on but i could ride!  Contest had something special going one, was i real small park , but had more that 300 hundred people  watching all over the place hanging on the walls and sometimes on the roof as well. It  was in a jam format and  i qualified 2nd and daniel Dhers in 1st, They made the final in a jam format again, and the riding was insane,  all the groups was so intense to watch, i got on the last one with daniel , actually onle me and him, we both rode our best, and the crowd seemed to be riding with us, so much energy on that place, Guilherme finished in 3rd , i got 2nd and Daniel got First!!! 
Now im back home, waiting to spend X-mas with my family and hang on with my buddies. You guys wear helmets at least!

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