Props to Auction Off Pro’s Bikes for Stephen Murray Family Fund

If you thought the outpouring of love and support for Stephen Murray and his family was about to blow over, think again. Props Visual has given us another reason to be thankful throughout the month of November by taking the initiative to round up pro’s bikes and other very cool items to be auctioned off on e-bay to help raise much-needed financial support for Stephen and his family during this time of need. This is definitely the only time we’ll ever recommend anyone buy a bike on e-bay, but that’s just what we’re doing. This is obviously a very good cause and also a great opportunity for BMX fans and collectors alike to round up some very cool stuff. To quickly find the bikes and other items being auctioned off, simply go to and find the live links to the items being auctioned at that time. You’ll then find yourself out in the bay and ready to bid. Although I’m tempted to ramble on with more run-ons about how grateful we all ought to be to be part of a community with a heart to get behind a fellow rider in need, I’m going to direct you to their own words below for further details.Believe for miracles, bid on bicycles, and encourage others to do the same.

Thanks, Trevor

(Prop’s Press Release)

I’m sure by now most of you are familiar with the life changing injuries that Stephen Murray sustained back in June at the Baltimore Dew Tour.
This accident occurred just days prior to Props Rock-N-Roll Tour hitting the road. Obviously, Stephen Murray was heavy on our minds the entire trip. Like almost everybody in the BMX world, we wanted to do what we could to help out.
By the end of the trip, I had talked to some of the riders and we decided that we would auction off some of their bikes to help out the Murray family with their mounting medical bills. We even had a few guys who weren’t on the trip who wanted to lend a hand and donate their bikes.
I am happy to tell you that we have a total of 11 complete bikes to auction off. All of these bikes are autographed by the rider who is donating it (except for the DC/SE P.K. Ripper). Each bike will also come with a autographed photo of the rider with the bike.
Below are the dates that each bike will be auctioned off (each one will become a hotlink when auction is running – so check back often).
Nov. 1-10 – Mat Hoffman’s Hoffman Bikes Condor
Nov. 3-12 – Chase Hawk’s Fit Hawk
Nov. 5-14 – Mike Aitken’s Fit S3 Aitken
Nov. 7-16 – Rob Wise’s Mirraco Fivestar
Nov. 9-18 – Morgan Wade’s Mutiny Captain
Nov. 11-20 – Corey Martinez’s United Trinity
Nov. 13-22 – Etnies “Ghost Rider” bike
Nov. 15-24 – Ruben Alcantara’s T1 Ruben
Nov. 17-26 – Sergio Layos’ Fly Pantera
Nov. 19-28 – Nora Cup D.C./SE P.K. Ripper
Nov. 21-30 – Tim “Fuzzy” Hall’s Redline
Click to watch a video clip about the auctions:
check out for pics of all the auction items
We’ll also be auctioning off a Levis banner, T-shirt, and piece of metal, all signed by the Rock-N-Roll 2 riders. Brian Kachinsky and Aaron Ross left their helmets, and these will be up for auction. Finally, some Hoffman DVDs signed by Mat himself.
We would like to personally thank all of these riders and their sponsors for being involved in this cause.
Stay strong Stephen Murray.
-Stew Johnson/Props Visual, Ltd.

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