Nate Berkheimer – Movin’, Shakin’, Racing, and Rocking an Awful (but hilarious) Mustache

Friends, fans, and fellow BMXers, sorry for the lack of updates. I promise to let you all know what’s goin on in my exciting busy life more often. Now that the weather has cooled off, the dirt jumping scene is in full force out here in Vegas. The last couple of months have been absolutely awesome. The last weekend in October I went out to Orlando, FL for the ABA Fall Nationals and the Baco Contest. The first day of the 3 day race weekend didn’t go so good for me as I started the day off with a crash in my very first moto. I rode 2 more motos, but doing alright, but the first moto crash kept me from making it any further. The second day, Saturday, it was raining, I didn’t even sign up. I headed 45 minutes north to check out the Baco contest out at Mesh skatepark. Being the week after Dew Tour in Orlando, there were still quite a few shredders in town that stayed for the comp. With the rain pouring down outside, the walls of the park were lined with people watching the craziness go down. Morgan Wade took home the big victory! Sunday morning was a new day for me; I took Saturday off and came back to the track ready to pedal. I had 3 solid motos in AA and made it into Semis. Although I got a close 5th and didn’t make it to the AA main, I did bring home the big Pro Open win for the day. Back to Vegas I went.
With a month to go until the next race, I had plenty of time at home to get some training in, as well as some good riding. I keep a pretty busy schedule balancing, training, BMX track practice, riding dirt and parks, and always trying to make some cash. While at home, I do quite a bit of photography and design work. Its a bunch of fun and definitely keeps me busy. Also for this year, I took on the position of being the race TM for UGP. Its been fun so far. I’m doing some design work for them as well. Look for some cool new number plates come early next year. And for some fresh new clothes, check out!
Thanksgiving to me is just another BMX trip. The ABA Grands is on Thanksgiving every year and we normally wind up just going to Cracker Barrel after practice. We did again, 4th year in a row, but I also had some turkey at the track. The Answer team had a feast at their trailer, I joined the fun. This year there were 460 motos! That’s great for the ABA, but for me, that just means waiting forever between motos. I had 3 solid finishes in motos landing me in the stacked AA quarters. I pulled off a 3rd in the quarter, and went on to the semis. Right out of the gate in the semi I was bangin’ bars all the way to the first jump. I ended up puttin’ a foot down to save myself from crashing. I got back on the gas but could only pull of a 6th spot. I was kind of disappointed. I rode great all weekend and I wanted to be in that main. But whether I did good or not, the fans will definitely remember that I was there. I was sporting a nice dirty mustache all weekend long. Being at a race, most everyone knew it was a joke, but people that didn’t know me gave me some silly looks. Now that I am back home, I went to DMV and got a sweet new ID sportin the stache. That’s where it lives now, I shaved it off!


Don’t even try to use this to make fake ID’s kids. Growing up in Vegas has given Nate an unfair advantage of being able to look more like a male stripper than you ever will (but you’re better off, believe me.) Fortunately for Nate’s girlfriend Ashley; mustaches that grow in Vegas, stay in Vegas. Nate’s went down the drain soon after this picture was taken. 
We just recently got a Bobcat tractor out at TJ Lavin’s house. I’ve been puttin in some work out there gettin the new lines runnin. Its pretty serious. There are only a handful of guys that will ride there on a regular basis. I try to get out there a few days a week, its too much fun not to. But yesterday I got an email from the Colombian BMX Federation. I got invited for the 2nd year in a row to race the Festival De Luces race in Medellin, Colombia. Its really an awesome event. Festival De Luces is the Festival of Lights. They have a solid mile of the river that runs through the city decorated with lights. Look for pics when I get back. I’m leavin Tuesday the 4th and coming home on the 10th. Check back shortly after for the latest news!

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